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mother of the invention and aesthetics of an icon dapp into a new decentralized era

Our ecosystem

Inspired by future, Wirk pushes all boundaries of imagination with technology innovation and pioneering design

Wirk stands for pure elegance and sophistication in the decentralized world. Our first AI ever created with an ecosystem that offers enhanced user experience performance and astonishing interaction with distinctive design – an unforgettable mobile experience.

A curious spirit, passion for perfection and the desire to continually redefine its limits have been the key characteristics of Wirk since it’s creation. Wirk brand masterpieces reflect it’s values more impressively through deploying latest technologies and wisdom in decentralized transparent way to reality.

what is wirk?

Wirk is the first sustainable decentralized ecosystem for education and employment powered by artificial intelligence that delivers training to fill gaps in education and match users to contract jobs in an automated way.

Smart Contracts trigger automatic payments in a framework that has systematic incentive and multilevel governance to create successful contract completion.

Wirk is run as a highest form of smart contract, decentralized autonomous organization empowered by native Wirk Token.

Our mission

first ecosystem that combines education and employment


In order to keep pace with increasing economic growth and to do justice to cultural differences in international markets, Wirk is proud to create the first ecosystem that combines education, employment and an impressive user-friendly application.

Wirk platform has been carefully designed to break through the barriers of entry for those who, until now, were unable to get education or find work. To further broaden the understanding of what is possible, our training programs are powered by Artificial Intelligence and provides a personalized education plan based on everyone’s own skills and user preferences. Our AI is as unique as each of our global users extraordinary demands paired with extraordinary personalities in a changing world. Fair dealings and irreproachable conduct is further strengthened by the blockchain supporting system.

WIRK's mission is to build a global community of employees, employers, and service providers to match through Artificial Intelligence interaction and use of blockchain technology.


Reliability, sincerity and an open, honest exchange of information is our guarantee for sustainable economic success. Our Artificial Intelligence has scope to maneuver education and sustain sense of security to new users in their day-to-day jobs offering both orientation and support.

All of this is managed through an innovative combination of an executable sidechain of AI agents in parallel with the blockchain of transactions, all designed to make smart contracts truly "smart" and easy-to-use, secure, and completely transparent for all in distributed application.

Ready to Start learning & earning

Let's do the best and make money

Wirk Smart Contracts

Wirk ecosystem teaches people to think anew, to embrace challenges and to constantly push boundaries.

If you are part of Wirk you will face innovative and fascinating ways to accomplish grand projects together via our contract system, the driving force that unites every single user on equal terms.

Employers will benefit from having a worldwide pool of talent to draw from, the precise craftsmanship in development, an inimitable vision that will build future work.

Token Name


Standard Network




Total Supply

7,000,000,000 W1RK

W1rk token

The W1RK ultimate token is our foundational currency that investors, employers, and employees can hold in their wallets, perform transactions on our platform, or exchange for other kinds of currency.

W1RK has 7 billion tokens in total supply locked in treasury for capitalization of W1RK ecosystem. A tradition of foundation to which we feel committed, and we want to carry forward with you. All income from our ecosystem creation is distributed in meritocratic way according to W1RK token holders. W1RK token imbodies various sublime token revenue streams depending on transaction complexity. W1RK is adapting DAO token rights to our token holders, giving all token holders right to vote on the future of W1RK.

Invest in wirk token



1 + 2 W1RK TOKEN

EQUAL $1,00

At the very core of what we are doing, early investors will find the creation of automatic decentralized application operated by AI and will benefit most while staking Wirk native tokens. Wirk uses consensus mechanism to put tokens into work and guarantee further growth by milestones of timeless excellence, and release of 1 billion Wirk tokens on public exchange to the masses.

join us

Become our strategic partner

We are building our prime network to find our trusted partners who share the vision of a global decentralized future and who can help develop an educational and financial solution in line with needs and desires of the population.

Our special features not only unite companies that have always valued innovative design in mutual adding value exchange, but who have also passionately expanded the boundaries of what is technically possible.

Such force is almost impossible to hold back and this is the driving force that unites us in true teamwork.